Our company offers a wide range of services to fit all your fiberglass and fabrication needs; from minor repairs on your personal watercraft to major structural repairs.  Some of the services we provide are as follows but we are not limited in our service abilities that we are able to provide for our customers. Not only do provide some of the best fiberglass services in the business, but we are also available for consultation services about a fiberglass-related project that you may planning or one that you are currently working on and just need a second party’s experience for recommendations.

We provide all kinds of fiberglass boat repair in Central Florida and the South East.  Anything from structural repairs, Gelcoat repairs, restoration work, detailing and maintenance services, and electrical and rigging services.  If you have a fiberglass boat that is in need of repair or just needs some maintenance work done to keep your fiberglass decking and hull in sound shape, then contact J3 Fiberglass today!

Restorations and Repairs:

  • Structural and Body Repairs on your boat, RV, or trailer
  • Repairs done to make your vessel look showroom new
  • All work guaranteed
  • We handle all Insurance Companies
  • New Upholstery
  • Painting
  • Woodwork
  • Detailing
  • Electrical and Electronic Installations

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Fiberglass Boat Repair Information
We offer one of the finest fiberglass air boat hulls around! Our fiberglass air boat hulls measure 11-feet to 16-feet in length and 7-feet wide. We also have custom-made rod boxes, seat shells, instrument panels and much more! You even have your choice of color!  Call today for pricing and get your fiberglass air boat hull from us!

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Fiberglass Air Boat Hulls Information
We offer the J3 Kit Boat for those that want to design their own custom boat! Our fiberglass flats boat hulls are custom built to your configurations and needs.  We are only limited by your imagination.

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Fiberglass Flats Boat Information
We take your ideas, or plans, from paper to part in no time at all. We use only the finest fiberglass products available to insure you many years of faithful service and production life. So that the products you are producing for your customers is of the finest quality and satisfaction. Whether you are producing the product or you are having us produce the product for you. We have tackled many different custom fiberglass projects like; fan shrouds, engine covers, vacuum form tooling and molds for the ABS Plastics Industry, golf cart bodies and molds and seat shells.

Tooling / Molds / Parts:

  • Take your ideas from concept to reality
  • Offer full in house design and engineering as well as we are able to fabricate finished parts for you
  • Simple to intricate design, no job to small or large
  • Vacuum Form tooling and Molds

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Fiberglass Tooling, Molds and Parts Information
We have also created many fiberglass hard tops, t-tops and half towers.  There’s nothing we can’t do with fiberglass.

Hardtops and Accessories:

  • Solid fiberglass construction
  • Custom built to fit your top
  • Hardtops are replacement for canvas and have a longer life than canvas
  • Painted to match your boat and non-skid applied to top if you desire to use as a place to lay and sun
  • Helm area much cooler and comfortable compared to canvas
  • Custom built recessed lighting boxes
  • Custom Spreader light enclosures
  • Custom Electronic boxes
  • Poling Platforms
Our fiberglass entryway column caps are completely customizable and repairable if they get damaged. Our column caps do not require heavy equipment to install, they are a one man job. If you are a handy man you can install them yourself; if not we provide installation for you. The column caps clean very easily with soap and water; they are very low maintenance and always look brand new. If you desire lighting on your columns we are able to provide access for your installer.

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Fiberglass Entryway Column Caps Information
Really a must see! Only limited by imagination; these coolers will keep frozen food frozen and cold food cold for extended periods of time. These coolers work well past that of any traditional cooler.  Any shape and size. Good for: fishing, hunting, camping, commercial use, construction sites, power outages, hurricane or other natural disasters that require more than a standard cooler.

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If you haven’t seen our custom J3 Fiberglass Cooler, you need to! These are the best coolers on the market and very competitive pricing compared to other name-brand coolers. Our coolers keep frozen food frozen and cold food cold or even if you need to fill it with racks of ribs for that party, it will even keep hot foods hot!

Custom Cooler Information

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