J-3 Fiberglass is able to take your ideas from concept to reality when it comes to your manufacturing needs. They are able to work with you in house to design and engineer your ideas into parts for you. John has had a lot of experience in this area working in the tooling and mold industry since he started in fiberglass over thirty years ago in Central Florida and the Ocala area.

We are able to supply a large range of tooling and molds for marine, plastics, for conversion vehicles, commercial vehicles, heavy equipment and the golf cart industries. They also offer in house production services for your convenience. In the ABS Plastics Industry they are able to provide tooling that can with stand high temperatures and the demands of multiple hits for production.

J-3 also has in house tooling to custom build hardtops and poling platforms and seat shells for your boat. Your boat can be truly one of a kind with accessories like custom instrument panels, accessory panels, riser molds for your coolers and leaning posts!

There is no job too large or too small for J-3 Fiberglass so why not give them a call today located centrally in sunny Ocala, Florida close to all of the residents that call Florida home! We look forward to hearing from you.