Fiberglass column cap 1Our columns are a custom design for our company. The columns you see posted came from our own necessity. When we began looking for column caps concrete caps were thousands of dollars and required a forklift to install; the sizes were a standard and you could not custom size them.

In an effort to save money we installed foam caps on our pillars. The first bad weather storm we had a limb fell on one of the caps and crushed it. Foam caps are not repairable only replaceable; so the birth of our custom design was born.

We just had some heavy rains and a branch five inches around and twelve foot long fell on one of the caps it just bounced no damage to the cap! But the great thing is that had it damaged the column it is completely repairable. Our column caps do not require heavy equipment to install they are a one man job. If you are a handy man you can install them yourself; if not we provide installation for you.

The columns clean very easily with soap and water; they are very low maintenance and always look brand new. If you desire lighting on your columns we are able to provide access for your installer.

We live in beautiful Ocala, Florida where we are home to many horse farms and were many people have homes with large lots. This is a great way to customize your property! Whether you just want entry columns or you want to place these caps on pillars that surround your property. The great thing is that because they are so much more affordable than concrete you can choose to really customize your home.

Fiberglass column cap 2

Entryway Column Caps:

  • Durable yet lightweight construction ( no crane or forklift needed for installation )
  • Solid fiber glass construction with a molded finish
  • Soap and water cleanable
  • Able to repair if damaged
  • Long term alternative to foam that has a stucco overlay